JMuPdf - PDF, XPS, and CBZ Rendering Library for Java

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JMuPdf - PDF/XPS/CBZ Rendering Library for Java
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What Is JMuPdf?

JMuPdf is a library toolkit intended for Java developers to render Acrobat PDF documents, XPS documents, and Comic book documents (CBZ).

Some of the features include:

  1. Support for all non-interactive PDF 1.7 features
  2. High-Quality Font Engine
  3. Full CJK support including an Asian font
  4. High quality anti-aliased graphics
  5. Support for ARGB, ARGB_PRE, RGB, BGR, BINARY and GRAY scale rendering
  6. Support for Black & White (binary) rendering with optional dithering (diffusing)
  7. Support for encrypted documents
  8. Support for interactive and background printing
  9. Support for background rendering
  10. Support for image rotating, zooming and cropping
  11. Support for multi-threaded processing (Great for server side processing)
  12. Support for headless server processing
  13. Export pages to BMP, PNG, JPEG, PAM, PNM, and PBM files
  14. Export pages to single or mulit-page TIF files
    - TIF compressions supported:
    CCITT / LZW / Deflate / JPeg / ZLib / Packbits / Deflate
  15. Render pages as buffered images
  16. Extract page text
  17. Extract document outline
  18. Extract page links
  19. Basic Java Swing viewer provided showing off many of the libraries features.
  20. Enable / disable anti-aliasing
  21. Set gamma correction
  22. Best of all...FREE...all source included.
  23. More to come...

Java Swing Viewer

JMuPdf provides a basic viewer application. This viewer is provided as an example of how to use JMuPdf toolkit interactively. The following options are availables as of V0.2:

  1. Open PDF, XPS, and CBZ documents.
  2. Opening encrypted PDF documents
  3. Intuitive page navigation
  4. Page zooming
  5. Page rotating
  6. Change color used when rendering to ARGB, ARGB_PRE, RGB, BGR, GRAY, or Black & White with optional dithering.
  7. Basic printing (This will be improved in the near future)
  8. Links are enabled if document contains any.
  9. Table of contents are linkable if document contains them.
  10. Use of the right mouse button to select text or extract regions as an image.

OS Environments

The toolkit is available for Windows 32/64bit and Linux 32/64bit environments.
Tested on Win XP SP2+ / Win 7 / Debian 5 and 6 / Ubuntu 10

JVM Requirements

Tested on Java 1.5, 1.6 and OpenJDK 6.

Native Rendering

JMuPdf provides a native library for Windows and Linux environments that does all the rendering. This native library is based on the original MuPDF toolkit created by Artifex Software, Inc. MuPDF is a lightweight toolkit written in portable C.

From MuPDF's website:

a lightweight PDF viewer and parser/rendering library

The renderer in MuPDF is tailored for high quality anti-aliased graphics. It renders text with metrics and spacing accurate to within fractions of a pixel for the highest fidelity in reproducing the look of a printed page on screen.

MuPDF is also small, fast, and yet complete. We support PDF 1.7 with transparency, encryption, hyperlinks, annotations, search and many other bells and whistles.

We don't support interactive features such as form filling, javascript and transitions. MuPDF is written modularly, so such features can be added on by integrators if they so desire.

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